As of March 28, 2020 real estate became an essential business in the state of California. If you need to buy or sell a home in the Coachella Valley we are prepared to assist you with the transaction. 




Do I need a Zoom Account? No. After scheduling your appointment a zoom link is sent to your email. Join your Realtor in the meeting room at your scheduled time by clicking your given "zoom link".

What is a Zoom link? A URL link provided to you after completing your appointment. The link will start with something like "". Access your zoom link at the appointment time to meet your Realtor at the front door.

Does this work with my smartphone or tablet? Yes. All you need is a smart device, your zoom link and a connection to the internet.

Can I view a home in real life before purchasing? Yes. But before entering a home in person, why not view remotely? We offer a high definition, live, virtual experience, that is enjoyable for you the shopper and our onsite Realtors. 

How is a home accessed during the Coronavirus pandemic? A mask and new gloves before entering the home. Homes are shown only to home buyers that have the ability to purchase within 3 months of viewing the home. 


1. Rarily, the location of the home can not access a powerful enough internet connection for live video communication. When this occurs, the live remote walkthrough is canceled. You will later receive a .mp4 video file created for you by your Realtor for the home selected.

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